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Skydiving in Gilan

Skydiving in Gilan

Most of the skydiving event takes place in Gilan province of Iran; here is some information about this important province of Iran. Airports are very active in this province.

Gilan Province (Persian: استان گیلان, Ostān-e Gīlān)[10] is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It lies along the Caspian Sea, in Iran’s Region 3, west of the province of Mazandaran, east of the province of Ardabil, and north of the provinces of Zanjan and Qazvin.[11] It borders Azerbaijan (Astara District) in the north.

The northern part of the province is part of the territory of South (Iranian) Talysh. At the center of the province is the main city of Rasht. Other towns in the province include Astara, Astaneh-e Ashrafiyyeh, Fuman, Lahijan, Langarud, Masouleh, Manjil, Rudbar, Rudsar, Shaft, Hashtpar, and Sowme’eh Sara. The main harbor port is Bandar-e Anzali (previously Bandar-e Pahlavi).


Gilan has a humid subtropical climate with, by a large margin, the heaviest rainfall in Iran: reaching as high as 1,900 millimetres (75 in) in the southwestern coast and generally around 1,400 millimetres (55 in). Rasht, the capital of the province, is known internationally as the “City of Silver Rains” and in Iran as the “City of Rain”.

Rainfall is heaviest between September and December because the onshore winds from the Siberian High are strongest, but it occurs throughout the year though least abundantly from April to August. Humidity is very high because of the marshy character of the coastal plains and can reach 90 percent in summer for wet bulb temperatures of over 26 °C (79 °F). The Alborz range provides further diversity to the land in addition to the Caspian coasts.

The coastline is cooler and attracts large numbers of domestic and international tourists. Large parts of the province are mountainous, green, and forested. The coastal plain along the Caspian Sea is similar to that of Mazandaran and mainly used for rice paddies. Due to successive cultivation and selection of rice by farmers, several cultivars including Gerdeh, Hashemi, Hasani, and Gharib have been bred.

Skydiving in Iran and Gilan province

As we mentioned before, skydiving does not take place in routine events. To experience skydiving in Iran you can fill out the form in the contact section of my website. We will list you and in case of planning a boogie, we inform you via mail.

سقوط ازاد در ایران
سقوط ازاد در ایران

The best place to skydive in Iran

One of Iran’s most iconic skydive hotspots is Bojagh National Park along the Caspian Sea, which is a lovely area. The plain is full of beautiful wild horses and buffaloes and is a great area to experience skydives with a view of the Caspian Sea. The thrill of jumping from a plane or helicopter on the beautiful island of Qeshm is another thing that cannot be missed.

Video of Bojagh National Park

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